The Best Indie Groups In recent memory

Indie rock has evolved into among the most difficult genres on world to define. Questions and leading label association did groups that cavorted against the majors disqualify themselves eternally and additionally enter the ring–are there actually sell out points?

These discussions and lots of others, (such as my present favorite, what’s the line between folk and indie rock, but this is for another piece) are fringing themselves into more complicated and tinier questions, even while looking over through this. Here we may not hold the secret to unlocking the puzzles of the universe that is indie, but we’ve chosen what our 10 most powerful groups on the indie rock scene. In the event of those choices, groups were seen for their present time for his or her contribution, in addition to the way in which future generations were infiltrated by their sound. Groups are not disqualified for signing using the majors (Hello–Sonic Youth did it men), but specific degrees (read: The Beatles) were taken into account.

Is 2015 the year we cease utilizing the prefix post plus a classic genre name to describe matters that are new?

Phantom Planet( obviously I am biased)

Artic Monkeys

The Killers

Two Door Cinema Club


Arcade Fire

Modest Mouse

Imagine Dragons

Vampire Weekend

The Strokes

Musical Ring

Most men would be averse to getting a mens ring on their right hand, while there is also nother, smaller group of guys will put on a class ring, a family seal a loyal ring significance, or a Masonic symbol, maybe, or there is someone like our sort who would get a ring customides with what represents us, music. Thats what happened today. I got a custom made ring delivered from a company I found on the internet. My first love my wife said there is no way I can put a musical note on the outside of my wedding ring like I wanted to start with. Made things really hard for me.

Started researching on the internet. Found all sorts- trumpet ring, bassinet ring, and what not- but nothing really manly they were more of the feminine sort or overly loud. Since I work with instruments often drums and guitars, I tend to find I wear stuff off quickly. I used to have a corded leather bracelet which came in the middle of my gigs and snapped my chords once. That was the end of it. To be honest it was really difficult to find something that I liked. I ended up finding one reasonably priced ring at Titanium-buzz that  I liked but they could only do it in Titanium or Cobalt Chrome. I was really after a tungsten one as my best pal Brian has a tungsten ring and he absolutely loves it. I asked him where he got it from and he recommended me to this company in New Zealand of all places that makes custom made mens rings to order.

I contacted them and told them of my situation. The staff were very friendly and Matt helped me find a nice simple yet solid ring, and suggested I personalise it on the inside so the messaging is subtle, still lets me hold whats close near yet doesnt look obsene or absurd like what I wanted to prevent. The suggestion was awesome and we ended up choosing a dont that looked pretty amazing and very much a rock themed font. The actual ring itself arrived in 2 weeks by Fedex which I was totally surprised considering this was to be a custom make. The messaging on the inside reads Phantom Planet and I believe the scrip they used was called Exodus or something that gives it a nice Indie Rock kinda feel to the whole ring. I am totally stoked and proud to call it my wedding ring and would recommend all you guys and gals looking for tungsten rings to try them out. The great part abot it is its just a plain solid heaving man ring on the outside.  If I could change something that would be to have the messaging slightly smaller on the inside so I can fit my wife to bes name as well on the inside. Well perhaps as this is what she suggested. 😉

How to play punk rock music on guitar 101

now I want YouTube and I see stuff like how to play punk rock guitar and there’s so many guys you and they’re good videos don’t get me wrong but these guys

they give you know scales and chords and structures and do this and do that let me explain to you what it takes to play punk rock guitar it’s very simple all it takes is an opinion a voice and a guitar that’s it you know just pick any chord E one it could be one two three four a million

just pick any power chord E one I’ll pick three random ones right now now you take those three chords and you say what you feel you express your opinion you know whether it’s something small like you know being heartbroken or something like police brutality or the government something that you guys feel that you have to get out you know you have a lot of hatred or anger and resentment get it out that’s

what punk music is don’t be one of those guitar players worrying about if okay if people think you know you could do good could you do solos could you sweep cuz you shred you know that’s that’s metal and you know nothing wrong with metal metal is cool but if you’re worried about what people think about you and you want to do solos and stuff go do meadow but if you want simple music that’s not technical but

the message and the voice is more powerful than you know raping killing blood guts versus politics life Society you know what you want something more killing to you for me I like this side right here because you know what the blood stuff is like a black metal stuff that’s how that’s what takes a big punk there’s no structure there’s no technical technicality and your voice don’t worry about what people think about you you’re supposed to be fun fuck what people think about you so you know I pick up a guitar throw some chords together and tell the world how you feel and if they don’t like it and if they like it fuck them anyway so there you go and

Chris Cornell On The State Of Rock Music

do you think rock is going to die and pop and hip-hop and future genres will take over rock as we know it um well i don’t i don’t know i mean i don’t really define rock as being something that has specific parameters of rules i mean in a sense i think hip-hop really was rock kind of in a new form and it came from a place that was the same place that

rock came from it came from it came from the street it came from the garage it came from people who were making music you know that couldn’t necessarily afford to have a garage full of musical equipment I was difficult for me to be able to afford a guitar and amp together

I get it want the other it was hard to have both and I think hip-hop kind of did the same thing especially when the it became something where topically the lyrical content was about or involving whoo-hoo the artists were and how they were living and where they were living and and

you know what what they’re sort of poetry and their existence was um it’s the same thing rock as a genre it’s something else rock as dirty guitars in screaming loudly over on that’s that’s that’s that’s another sort of subject or topic and that’s all cyclical I think I’m you know a thousand years from now if we’re still here there’s going to be somebody that wants to hear another guy pick up a guitar plug it in and play it and do that you know I would I’m all you know i always love hearing raw power by the Stooges I’m never going to stop and it doesn’t matter like whatever what of what other things I listen to

I don’t see how that ever really will go away and there’s always going to be some kid a kid being born right now probably some winter was going to hear that music here rock music for the first time and something about that kid he’s going to try to do exactly that but it’s coulda metamorphosizes into something different and and

that’ll always happen the human element will always create something new and Jimi Hendrix is a great example of that when when he played wild thing or sergeant peppers or whatever it was it who knows why he sounded the way he did but if there’s there’s no comparing him to anyone else he just was a guy who picked up a guitar and started and said Oh guitar and and he was in blues bands and he

I don’t think that he was the kind of guy that SAT around trying to think his way through doing something special or different likessee townsend mind he’s picked it up and he just was him and and think of its we can’t even really do it because we’ve heard generations of music since then but but imagine it being -67 and you see him on a stage for the first time like what the hell where did this guy come from how is it possible there’s there’s someone out there in the future that hasn’t been born yet or that is the two now it’s the same thing that will add that whatever that is that the makes us all unique to music and we’ll take what we think of as guitar rock music and keep it going they’re just there will be no death of it really I don’t think

Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)

worn through a party in the county jail prison land and labour gained weight damage on the nanny Joe began to swing you should ahead and lock that jam-packed finally planted in a sack

Oh Little Joe and blowing on the slide trombone come along about Ann Arbor crash Boom Bang the whole rhythm side you wanna boogie boy said number three your duty jailbird I ever did see I sure would be delighted with you bumping me I’m gonna do the jail it’ll be

you sagacity gonna block its dog over in the corner we burn all alone according to anybody don’t you be no squirrel you can’t find a partner use a wooden chair hey everybody Oh Selma man and recite the books for heaven’s sake the ones looking at the chance to make a break brother tarnish it Jenny said next Nick I won’t stick around I wanna get my kids you

Eddie Trunk discusses state of rock music and it not being played on radio

and CNS that you talked about in your show before – I know it’s not back to the full extent of you know the way it used to be by any means but you know there are bands on to earn there’s

things available out there there’s small venues large venues just different versions or formats but you know there’s a following out there that spends money supports the business and you know me being 36 I have plenty of intentions of doing that for at least another 20 years

well yeah I mean I think I think that what’s happened and thank you for the call Dave I think that rock as a scene if you will and when I say rock that means hard rock heavy metal the whole umbrella I think is extremely healthy on the live front but if you were if you mean the scene in terms of the 80s being back no no now is it way off better off than it was 10 years ago absolutely but is it 1987 absolutely not

you still have a ton of bands from the s that go out there and play in clubs to 20 people a night and then when you have callers like our previous caller who who said who was an armored Saint fan and had no knowledge that they were still active still touring and just released two albums in the last five years that really hurts because for these bands that are active they need every bit of help they can get and when

you have a tool as powerful as the Internet to find out if bands are active and you could have bought their record if you just had the knowledge it was out and you didn’t because you didn’t take the time to click and google them and see the record was out and you’re waiting for it to be played on your local radio station at 2:00 in the afternoon you’re going to be waiting till hell freezes over because

that’s not going to happen that is the scene coming back those days are gone ties into to a larger issue with again the music of the 80s and you guys know I hate the term and I have my reasons for it the term hair band hair metal it continues to be a problem because it continues to marginalize this music and it plays into the reason why so many of these bands are not played on the radio because

they’re looked at as gimmicks still by certain people in power at programming levels it’s just the way it is and as long as we keep talking about bands and their image and their haircut from 30 years ago instead of whether their music was simply good or bad it continues to feed into that perception

An Interview with the Lunch Money, SC Indie Rock Band

spicy kid how to ever get so pray the concept of our band lunch money is putting on a rock show for kids and bring you the live music experience to kids I loved live music when

I was little but I didn’t get to see it too often it was the rare opportunity so I thought who brought this in to say the library situation and put on a show but sing about stuff that that is going to resonate with the kids in the audience so we think about roller coasters and dinosaurs and getting dizzy and call the band lunch money because that’s that first bit of childhood responsibility and power

I did you how’s our music is indie rock for kids some of it is really rocking some of it is just kind of playful and then some of it is there is a hauntingly beautiful I give her all the credit I love it when I when adults tell us you know they tend to say it kind of like

you aside I found myself listening to your album even when my kids aren’t around that’s the point do you right next to me yeah you get the best of me we’ve played in adult bands in the past and you know after when you go c and o bands performer the pic killer Scott’s in there oh yeah don’t really dance you know that’s no that’s one thing that’s fun we’re playing for kids like you know a you can just tell

them to dance and they’ll do it you know ya know it’s just fun because they really you really get a sense for how they actually feel and how they respond that’s just really fun fun since we started it we’ve actually played in a lot of cool venues we played at Lollapalooza they had a children’s age and Austin City Limits Festival and we get played on the siriusxm kids place live channel so it turned into a bigger thing than we expected it’s been more successful than we thought

An upcoming indie-rock band in Nagaland gains popularity

music is an art form that comes naturally to the nagas aleppo naga and banned for confusion and clueless attention of nagaland are few names

that have made their presence felt internationally and inspired many upcoming rock bands Dima booze with the Giants is one such indie rock band the band members include heavy poocho vocalist Lima moon rock guitarist yongkang ginger drummer and I on John Mayer and may also meet em Chen on the bass guitar free the Giants was born when various band members teamed up in before the hornbill festival

the band has gained popularity in a short span of time it clinched the first runner-up title at the hornbill rough contest at kohima music always played a very big role in my life and as a vocalist I was always interested in singing and you know and it was not always about the popularity or fame you know I just love the concept of the art music that is you know that really encourages me or very motivate me in my life the band recorded its first saw on the Strait of rock track young hot at element indian music means everything to

these youngsters after finishing their routine work they spend hours jamming together honing their skills in phosphate of their dreams they are committed to making a mark in the international music arena I watched a concert of da mayor and I really fell in love with his guitar and that’s how I started playing and I think I seriously started playing you know like giving my heart out playing I started on the year 2010 nagaland is possibly the only indian state which has formed a separate government department called the music task force to support and promote the huge talented full of local musicians

Japanese Indie Rock Band Babamania Perform In English

I like other Japanese bands these guys heads up the original well then had a hard music but with a female singer so I thought he was cheating about when I did see them I realized to have to sign him right away here in the Japanese underground there a lot of musicians and deejays and track makers and all

these guys who are struggling to get their sound out you know and they’re doing it quite well you know so I think that if all of these people see the value in what they’re doing enough persevere enough then it will change you all of us loves rental cheap arrows the parts or fish bone like mixer rock music

I love O’Malley the kind of missing songs I love it so I want to make them mix up you’ll find these young kids especially if you see this club tonight I bet you none of those guys are by domestic artists as such they usually by foreign artists or want to sing in English we look at throughout Asia it’s usually all influenced by Western music kids they wear levi’s the drug got mcdonalds they were all west musics and they want their own domestic pop stars to sound like domestic I grew up with American and

you can music so it was natural to sing it to make the lyrics with english in order to possibly make it in america that will happen to beginning with japanese bands have tried in the past and just does not work out that’s the biggest dream is for them to all make it in America or England because since all they’ve ever listen to Western man they want to be go there and be respected by them for the most part in music market is inundated with Americans or grits and so I guess for the rest of the world they want to be there in the midst of it all like right there on the front lines you know Sharon this stage with everybody else

Interview with Indie Rock Band Delta Spirit

this indie rock band uses trash can lids as musical instruments hi my name is Stephanie and welcome to and today we’re speaking to delta spirit I’m Brandon I play drums

I’m John I play bass in delta spirit forgot to say that sorry in every way I look for the Yuri sick has been described as a mix of northern soul and rock as well as Americana in Seoul do you guys find these labels accurate I’m just as confused as anybody else’s I guess trying to I like northern song I think

it’s GOG influences but I don’t think we try to like everything with that so then how would you guys describe your music experimental I don’t know yeah avant-garde there we go keep me in today the lyrics are actually have been described sort of as spiritually or religiously charged why are these kinds of topics important to you guys we’re not very like creative a lot of people like write these weird storytelling metaphorical songs and I guess like we just don’t have that NS our stuffs just about like the normal stuff of life

maybe we’ll get more creative next time maybe we’ll write about like dragons and like fairies and weird stuff but I’m gonna start reading books this year we might yeah yeah and get educated we’ll see what happens next time in your live shows I know that you guys sometimes use unconventional instruments such as trash can lids or orchestral bass drums so is it really difficult to incorporate this in the live show and like sort of keep things harmonious most of the way that those things came about in the songs is we were practicing or writing and just accidentally started using it and the reason we started using is because it made sense with how we were jamming so kind of just naturally flows from that into the live show yeah speaking of the live shows as earning how would you describe one of your shows way louder than the record yeah

we played pretty dang loud do you guys incorporate as well the unconventional instruments in the studio when you’re recording that’s kind of how it starts actually I don’t think we like hold ourselves back to like stick to like our own instrument or yeah actually that too but I mean like we just pretty much whatever kind of works with the song works the song do you guys have a preference for performing live or being in the studio plane lives creating just traveling a lot too awesome but I mean I think that this real like back and forth relationship with wanting to be back in the studio and wanted to play live like right now it’s great to be on tour but I know when we get back I’m gonna we’re all gonna be like dying to get back in studio studio I meaning our practice room that’s a Kelly’s house so yeah don’t be fooled though it’s really nice it is yeah I want to try to be super cred and say it’s like a garage and south central or anything it was good should come by it’s really good thank you so much yeah

The Art of Emptiness Animated Indie Music

when you said it was hard work sorry forgive yourself when he said history would judge you well

I knew it you I yourself Oh so when you stare at that canvas and the light shining through there’s no there’s no them there’s no me there’s no you so when you hide mentioning that what’s well I know it means

you were sorry and yourself d you you you what’s going on everyone my name is Matt and you were watching demo reel and you just watched the art of emptiness by taught at home and man I was so excited to share this one with you guys because not only is this our first animated film it’s the first music video that

we’ve ever featured on demo reel and hopefully the first of many more so if you enjoyed it leave a comment below like it and share it everywhere and remember to come back in a couple hours because I’m going to be sitting down with Charlie roadman of Tony Hong and Jay Hollandsworth the director of the video and you don’t want to miss that and of course remember to subscribe because we have more indie films coming at you to stay tuned