Phantom Planet Missing

This statement sums it all-up in Phantom World “Don’t-Get Down”: “I want to live on the moon/ and never see a human again/And as the Earth explodes/I Will light a candle for my dead best-friends.” For anyone who is able to reflect upon their teenaged school days and view a kaleidoscope of daggers held by the likes of ex-flames, friends they believed were friends, or essentially anyone who could say that they had a reserved spot in a school lunch table — Phantom Planet’s Is Missing is a musical pharmaceutical of self help resources for you personally.

This five-piece group living in California has lately gotten media interest in part due to drummer Jason Schwartzman’s brilliant portrayal of a wannabe Ivy League intellectual geek in love with a stylish British school teacher in Rushmore. It took this long for this youthful yet tremendously prolific and gifted group of songwriters/recording artists to get detected puzzles and affects your brain, quite truthfully. Not in quite some time have I observed teenage artists in a position to convert what appears to be entries into meaningful lyrics out of your own diary and then infuse that with an incomparable sound that blends Beatles-esque pop harmonies, Brit pop electronica, and grunge that was primal. The words to “Recently Distressed” (“You see my wings are about the fritz/ and I can’t even get up off the groun/ I am truly sorry for this mess/ because it all came crashing down”) further illustrate how this band relays personal messages without getting so deep and esoteric as to limit its understanding to only the songwriter.

In “Lisa (Does it Hurt You)?,” the inclusion of 1950s ballad baselines and early 1980s synthesizer progressions on the chorus blends great remnants of both generations of musical design.

I believe anyone who listens to audio tries to find some answer to all of the good or bad experiences within their lives. A specific tune tailor made to assist someone deal with all the pain of the past offers that person a confident escape through music. Without becoming too preachy or poetic, is Lacking does only this. If allowed to grow with this specific launch, the group will redefine once again by infiltrating musical influences right into a special sound from four decades to carry itself into the following millennium, what the audio industry has so conveniently labeled alternative music.