The Fletchers

“The Fletchers” is the first
Single endeavor by Kaplan. In the early 90’s he was a part of band
“Dandelion Fireplace”, and later on played in the group “Rotator-Cuff”. While
In the group Rotator Cuff, their music video was showcased on MTV’s 120
Moments, and also the music was played on “Home of Type”, “The Real Life”
and “Unfiltered”. Gary also performed at heaps of sites and large displays
in NY, New Jersey and Los Angelas California.
Debut C D “Bright Blue Lights” by The Fletchers includes 12 songs. Each
Gary Kaplan wrote song. He credits his influences because of his
American and English Indie Rock sound. His influences include The Rolling
Rocks, The Who, Pink Floyd, Line, Husker Du, REM, Blur, Oasis, Foo
Combatants, The Stone Roses, and others.
Kaplan was playing guitar since age 13, and has for ages been a
Huge music audiophile and enthusiast. Ever since then, his musical experiences have
Allowed for growth and development into producing the professional
quality audio of his latest band. The music of The Fletchers is
For licensing for film and video, being advertised. Gary says “We
Performed our last show in April, and I’ve taken the previous few weeks to
Compose and arrange about a half dozen new tunes.” The band is getting time
This Summer to record their next album. They will start record
In July and hope to own up to 10 paths prepared this autumn for blending.

TheĀ Group will perform on June 26, 2009 at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick.
Phil Rainone of Jersey Defeat states “The Fletchers have produced an album that
is assured, emotionally accessible, and supporting….staggeringly
Authentic and memorable songs… The Fletchers write songs that are convincing like
‘Oily’, ‘Illness’, and ‘London’ which are filled with air, and, energy
intelligence.” The album is launched a document label, by Significant Devices
Owned by Kaplan. “Bright-Blue Lights” also features quality graphics
on the CD cover and insert.
The record “Bright Blue Lamps” is now accessible online at, I-tunes,
plus tons of other audio websites. The album may also be bought from their
web site.