Men’s wedding bands: the ultimate buying guide

After my recent run with getting my dream ring, I decided to write what I am going to call an epic guide to  choosing a mens wedding ring for your big day.

Before picking the engagement ring for their fiancée, men usually give it a lot of thought. They will stop at nothing to get her the best piece that will make her boldly say, “I do”. But when it comes to choosing men’s wedding bands, they are at a loss of choices and ideas.

As a gentleman, do not let your wedding band spoil the bliss for you. It should be a source of pride and reminder of your happy marriage since it has a permanent place on your finger. To get things right, here are factors to consider as you go out shopping for your wedding band;

The choice of metal

Conventionally, men’s rings come in a number of metals and your preference will play a big role. You can go for rose, white gold, platinum or palladium. Each of the choices comes with its advantages but the top priority is to have it represent your personality. For instance, platinum should be your pick if you want a durable ring but if you are looking for a classy band then the gold varieties should be your preference.

The finish

There are those who want their rings rough, smooth or a cut between the two. The hammered type is the best for texture illusion while the polished kind is your best smooth bet. Those who want a taste of rough-cum-smooth rings they will find a better choice in the matte finish.

Customized designs

There are men who want to bring their precise personal taste to their rings. If this is you, you need a custom designed ring. It helps bring life to your piece and you can have you favorite symbol on it.

The band’s width

The width of your ring is a factor you should not ignore. Try varieties to find the one that fits best on your finger. The larger the width the deeper you might dig into your pockets but you will always find something within your budget.

Added details

Some years back, the only thing men had to choose in their wedding rings was the kind of metal they preferred. You would end up having a similar ring to someone else as long as you choose the same metal. Nowadays you can have more choices other than the metal and make your piece unique. A good example would be to add sapphire decorations or have the date of your wedding engraved on it. This will not be only unique but an eye-catching feature and a sense of style.

Perfect fit

Having a ring on your finger all the time will not be an easy habit to get used to. That is why you need a band that will not only be comfortable but also perfectly fitting on your finger. There is the comfort fitting band that is designed to feel like a part of your finger but ensure that you try a variety of them until you find the perfect fitting one.

Men, your wedding band will be like a permanent scar on your finger. Make a choice that you will never regret. It should a reminder of happiness thanks to its design, color and all the other preferences you made sure to be there.