The Art of Emptiness Animated Indie Music

when you said it was hard work sorry forgive yourself when he said history would judge you well

I knew it you I yourself Oh so when you stare at that canvas and the light shining through there’s no there’s no them there’s no me there’s no you so when you hide mentioning that what’s well I know it means

you were sorry and yourself d you you you what’s going on everyone my name is Matt and you were watching demo reel and you just watched the art of emptiness by taught at home and man I was so excited to share this one with you guys because not only is this our first animated film it’s the first music video that

we’ve ever featured on demo reel and hopefully the first of many more so if you enjoyed it leave a comment below like it and share it everywhere and remember to come back in a couple hours because I’m going to be sitting down with Charlie roadman of Tony Hong and Jay Hollandsworth the director of the video and you don’t want to miss that and of course remember to subscribe because we have more indie films coming at you to stay tuned