Japanese Indie Rock Band Babamania Perform In English

I like other Japanese bands these guys heads up the original well then had a hard music but with a female singer so I thought he was cheating about when I did see them I realized to have to sign him right away here in the Japanese underground there a lot of musicians and deejays and track makers and all

these guys who are struggling to get their sound out you know and they’re doing it quite well you know so I think that if all of these people see the value in what they’re doing enough persevere enough then it will change you all of us loves rental cheap arrows the parts or fish bone like mixer rock music

I love O’Malley the kind of missing songs I love it so I want to make them mix up you’ll find these young kids especially if you see this club tonight I bet you none of those guys are by domestic artists as such they usually by foreign artists or want to sing in English we look at throughout Asia it’s usually all influenced by Western music kids they wear levi’s the drug got mcdonalds they were all west musics and they want their own domestic pop stars to sound like domestic I grew up with American and

you can music so it was natural to sing it to make the lyrics with english in order to possibly make it in america that will happen to beginning with japanese bands have tried in the past and just does not work out that’s the biggest dream is for them to all make it in America or England because since all they’ve ever listen to Western man they want to be go there and be respected by them for the most part in music market is inundated with Americans or grits and so I guess for the rest of the world they want to be there in the midst of it all like right there on the front lines you know Sharon this stage with everybody else