An Interview with the Lunch Money, SC Indie Rock Band

spicy kid how to ever get so pray the concept of our band lunch money is putting on a rock show for kids and bring you the live music experience to kids I loved live music when

I was little but I didn’t get to see it too often it was the rare opportunity so I thought who brought this in to say the library situation and put on a show but sing about stuff that that is going to resonate with the kids in the audience so we think about roller coasters and dinosaurs and getting dizzy and call the band lunch money because that’s that first bit of childhood responsibility and power

I did you how’s our music is indie rock for kids some of it is really rocking some of it is just kind of playful and then some of it is there is a hauntingly beautiful I give her all the credit I love it when I when adults tell us you know they tend to say it kind of like

you aside I found myself listening to your album even when my kids aren’t around that’s the point do you right next to me yeah you get the best of me we’ve played in adult bands in the past and you know after when you go c and o bands performer the pic killer Scott’s in there oh yeah don’t really dance you know that’s no that’s one thing that’s fun we’re playing for kids like you know a you can just tell

them to dance and they’ll do it you know ya know it’s just fun because they really you really get a sense for how they actually feel and how they respond that’s just really fun fun since we started it we’ve actually played in a lot of cool venues we played at Lollapalooza they had a children’s age and Austin City Limits Festival and we get played on the siriusxm kids place live channel so it turned into a bigger thing than we expected it’s been more successful than we thought