Eddie Trunk discusses state of rock music and it not being played on radio

and CNS that you talked about in your show before – I know it’s not back to the full extent of you know the way it used to be by any means but you know there are bands on to earn there’s

things available out there there’s small venues large venues just different versions or formats but you know there’s a following out there that spends money supports the business and you know me being 36 I have plenty of intentions of doing that for at least another 20 years

well yeah I mean I think I think that what’s happened and thank you for the call Dave I think that rock as a scene if you will and when I say rock that means hard rock heavy metal the whole umbrella I think is extremely healthy on the live front but if you were if you mean the scene in terms of the 80s being back no no now is it way off better off than it was 10 years ago absolutely but is it 1987 absolutely not

you still have a ton of bands from the s that go out there and play in clubs to 20 people a night and then when you have callers like our previous caller who who said who was an armored Saint fan and had no knowledge that they were still active still touring and just released two albums in the last five years that really hurts because for these bands that are active they need every bit of help they can get and when

you have a tool as powerful as the Internet to find out if bands are active and you could have bought their record if you just had the knowledge it was out and you didn’t because you didn’t take the time to click and google them and see the record was out and you’re waiting for it to be played on your local radio station at 2:00 in the afternoon you’re going to be waiting till hell freezes over because

that’s not going to happen that is the scene coming back those days are gone ties into to a larger issue with again the music of the 80s and you guys know I hate the term and I have my reasons for it the term hair band hair metal it continues to be a problem because it continues to marginalize this music and it plays into the reason why so many of these bands are not played on the radio because

they’re looked at as gimmicks still by certain people in power at programming levels it’s just the way it is and as long as we keep talking about bands and their image and their haircut from 30 years ago instead of whether their music was simply good or bad it continues to feed into that perception