How to play punk rock music on guitar 101

now I want YouTube and I see stuff like how to play punk rock guitar and there’s so many guys you and they’re good videos don’t get me wrong but these guys

they give you know scales and chords and structures and do this and do that let me explain to you what it takes to play punk rock guitar it’s very simple all it takes is an opinion a voice and a guitar that’s it you know just pick any chord E one it could be one two three four a million

just pick any power chord E one I’ll pick three random ones right now now you take those three chords and you say what you feel you express your opinion you know whether it’s something small like you know being heartbroken or something like police brutality or the government something that you guys feel that you have to get out you know you have a lot of hatred or anger and resentment get it out that’s

what punk music is don’t be one of those guitar players worrying about if okay if people think you know you could do good could you do solos could you sweep cuz you shred you know that’s that’s metal and you know nothing wrong with metal metal is cool but if you’re worried about what people think about you and you want to do solos and stuff go do meadow but if you want simple music that’s not technical but

the message and the voice is more powerful than you know raping killing blood guts versus politics life Society you know what you want something more killing to you for me I like this side right here because you know what the blood stuff is like a black metal stuff that’s how that’s what takes a big punk there’s no structure there’s no technical technicality and your voice don’t worry about what people think about you you’re supposed to be fun fuck what people think about you so you know I pick up a guitar throw some chords together and tell the world how you feel and if they don’t like it and if they like it fuck them anyway so there you go and