An upcoming indie-rock band in Nagaland gains popularity

music is an art form that comes naturally to the nagas aleppo naga and banned for confusion and clueless attention of nagaland are few names

that have made their presence felt internationally and inspired many upcoming rock bands Dima booze with the Giants is one such indie rock band the band members include heavy poocho vocalist Lima moon rock guitarist yongkang ginger drummer and I on John Mayer and may also meet em Chen on the bass guitar free the Giants was born when various band members teamed up in before the hornbill festival

the band has gained popularity in a short span of time it clinched the first runner-up title at the hornbill rough contest at kohima music always played a very big role in my life and as a vocalist I was always interested in singing and you know and it was not always about the popularity or fame you know I just love the concept of the art music that is you know that really encourages me or very motivate me in my life the band recorded its first saw on the Strait of rock track young hot at element indian music means everything to

these youngsters after finishing their routine work they spend hours jamming together honing their skills in phosphate of their dreams they are committed to making a mark in the international music arena I watched a concert of da mayor and I really fell in love with his guitar and that’s how I started playing and I think I seriously started playing you know like giving my heart out playing I started on the year 2010 nagaland is possibly the only indian state which has formed a separate government department called the music task force to support and promote the huge talented full of local musicians