Chris Cornell On The State Of Rock Music

do you think rock is going to die and pop and hip-hop and future genres will take over rock as we know it um well i don’t i don’t know i mean i don’t really define rock as being something that has specific parameters of rules i mean in a sense i think hip-hop really was rock kind of in a new form and it came from a place that was the same place that

rock came from it came from it came from the street it came from the garage it came from people who were making music you know that couldn’t necessarily afford to have a garage full of musical equipment I was difficult for me to be able to afford a guitar and amp together

I get it want the other it was hard to have both and I think hip-hop kind of did the same thing especially when the it became something where topically the lyrical content was about or involving whoo-hoo the artists were and how they were living and where they were living and and

you know what what they’re sort of poetry and their existence was um it’s the same thing rock as a genre it’s something else rock as dirty guitars in screaming loudly over on that’s that’s that’s that’s another sort of subject or topic and that’s all cyclical I think I’m you know a thousand years from now if we’re still here there’s going to be somebody that wants to hear another guy pick up a guitar plug it in and play it and do that you know I would I’m all you know i always love hearing raw power by the Stooges I’m never going to stop and it doesn’t matter like whatever what of what other things I listen to

I don’t see how that ever really will go away and there’s always going to be some kid a kid being born right now probably some winter was going to hear that music here rock music for the first time and something about that kid he’s going to try to do exactly that but it’s coulda metamorphosizes into something different and and

that’ll always happen the human element will always create something new and Jimi Hendrix is a great example of that when when he played wild thing or sergeant peppers or whatever it was it who knows why he sounded the way he did but if there’s there’s no comparing him to anyone else he just was a guy who picked up a guitar and started and said Oh guitar and and he was in blues bands and he

I don’t think that he was the kind of guy that SAT around trying to think his way through doing something special or different likessee townsend mind he’s picked it up and he just was him and and think of its we can’t even really do it because we’ve heard generations of music since then but but imagine it being -67 and you see him on a stage for the first time like what the hell where did this guy come from how is it possible there’s there’s someone out there in the future that hasn’t been born yet or that is the two now it’s the same thing that will add that whatever that is that the makes us all unique to music and we’ll take what we think of as guitar rock music and keep it going they’re just there will be no death of it really I don’t think