Interview with Indie Rock Band Delta Spirit

this indie rock band uses trash can lids as musical instruments hi my name is Stephanie and welcome to and today we’re speaking to delta spirit I’m Brandon I play drums

I’m John I play bass in delta spirit forgot to say that sorry in every way I look for the Yuri sick has been described as a mix of northern soul and rock as well as Americana in Seoul do you guys find these labels accurate I’m just as confused as anybody else’s I guess trying to I like northern song I think

it’s GOG influences but I don’t think we try to like everything with that so then how would you guys describe your music experimental I don’t know yeah avant-garde there we go keep me in today the lyrics are actually have been described sort of as spiritually or religiously charged why are these kinds of topics important to you guys we’re not very like creative a lot of people like write these weird storytelling metaphorical songs and I guess like we just don’t have that NS our stuffs just about like the normal stuff of life

maybe we’ll get more creative next time maybe we’ll write about like dragons and like fairies and weird stuff but I’m gonna start reading books this year we might yeah yeah and get educated we’ll see what happens next time in your live shows I know that you guys sometimes use unconventional instruments such as trash can lids or orchestral bass drums so is it really difficult to incorporate this in the live show and like sort of keep things harmonious most of the way that those things came about in the songs is we were practicing or writing and just accidentally started using it and the reason we started using is because it made sense with how we were jamming so kind of just naturally flows from that into the live show yeah speaking of the live shows as earning how would you describe one of your shows way louder than the record yeah

we played pretty dang loud do you guys incorporate as well the unconventional instruments in the studio when you’re recording that’s kind of how it starts actually I don’t think we like hold ourselves back to like stick to like our own instrument or yeah actually that too but I mean like we just pretty much whatever kind of works with the song works the song do you guys have a preference for performing live or being in the studio plane lives creating just traveling a lot too awesome but I mean I think that this real like back and forth relationship with wanting to be back in the studio and wanted to play live like right now it’s great to be on tour but I know when we get back I’m gonna we’re all gonna be like dying to get back in studio studio I meaning our practice room that’s a Kelly’s house so yeah don’t be fooled though it’s really nice it is yeah I want to try to be super cred and say it’s like a garage and south central or anything it was good should come by it’s really good thank you so much yeah